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The Kawasaki Way is based on the belief that a person’s appearance affects their internal health and vice versa.
Kazumasa Kawasaki’s original products are made from plant materials which have been fastidiously selected in Japan, and provide a daily care routine for the face and body ensuring the health benefits of The Kawasaki Way.

The Kawasaki Way is a powerful method of bringing swift internal and external change to you.

If your appearance changes, what’s inside also changes. If what is inside changes, your appearance changes!

The Japanese character “和 (KAZU) ”  has several meanings including “peace”, “harmony” and “Japan”.

“和” is inscribed on our products to symbolize the idea that internal and external harmony will bring out your body’s ability

to become more beautiful, as KAZUMASA KAWASAKI proposes.

Every person has the 
right to live a happy life.

"My goal is not only to change the appearance of someone I have been destined to meet, but also to make that person happier. If every single person becomes happy, the earth will be a happier, peaceful place.”




In his early life, Kazumasa Kawasaki experienced serious personal illness. To aide his personal recovery, Kawasaki understood the power of traditional Japanese fermented foods and began using these foods to bring about his own recovery. While recovering, he began voluntary treatment work using his newly developed Kawasaki Way. 

Kazumasa Kawasaki developed and refined his unique Kawasaki Way which aims to bring out the beauty of the individual by building on his or her well-being. Kazumasa Kawasaki products, Mist, Essence, and Plant Fermentation Food use only natural ingredients and the synergies of these products contribute to producing the spectacular results of the Kawasaki Way. 

Since 1998, The Kawasaki Way has been used by more than 100,000 people and is followed by many of the worlds leading sports personalities, actors and actresses, musicians and supermodels.

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