Beauty Essence brings great pleasure to your skin. It blends smoothly with your skin, and provides moisture making your skin more resilient and youthful. Recommended for all types of skin.

How to use: Spread a moderate amount (3-4 spritz) gently on your face and neck. It is recommended that you apply it liberally to problem areas. It is also good for body maintenance.

Lotion Mist provides moisture to your skin. Readily usable at any time to get clear, glowing skin. Good for your face and scalp as it protects your skin from dryness and external stimuli, while tightening the skin.

How to use: Spray the mist on your entire face and scalp from about 10-20 cm away.  Also good for your neck and the décolleté area.

Moisturizing your skin with this eye cream results in firm, tight yet soft skin, thereby making dry wrinkles inconspicuous. It is especially effective for delicate zones, such as around your eyes and lips.

Around the eyes: Beginning at the innermost corners, press with the fingertips along the underside of the eyes and upwards towards the temples, thereby stretching any wrinkles. 

Around the mouth: Use the fingertips to pull vertically against any smile lines.


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More than 80 plant materials are fermented and roasted to be used as everyday nutrition, beauty, and health support for people who like to enjoy an active life.

How to eat: Ingest directly from a pack, dissolving 2-3 parts in your mouth.  It can also be added to tea, coffee, etc.

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