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Hitting the Shelves in Monaco

KAZUMASA KAWASAKI’s three product lines, Plant Fermentation Food, Essence, and Mist hit shelves at Pharmacy G. Marsan, a famous beauty clinic, and other stores in Monaco in January 2017.

KAZUMASA KAWASAKI’s products have been recommended by Mr. Georges Marsan, the Mayor of Monaco. Made from plant materials which have been fastidiously selected in Japan, they are recognized as functional, reliable, and safe high-quality Japanese products.

■ Shop Information

・Pharmacy G. Marsan 

1, Place d’Armes, MC98000, Monaco


Tel : (+377) 93 30 21 01


3, Rue Plati, MC98000, MONACO


・NEODERME Anti Aging Center 

25 Boulevard Général LECLERC, 06240 BEAUSOLEIL

Tel : (+33) 04 22 16 48 15

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